Redeemer Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a Christian community in Warsaw, Poland. We are disciples of Jesus Christ who were saved by grace and by the power of the Holy Spirit strive to be more like Christ and live for his glory. We can be described with these four words:


The gospel of Jesus Christ is central to our life and teaching. We believe that all people need to be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. By calling ourselves „evangelical” we also wish to indicate our roots in the Reformation, which was a movement of Church renewal based on the Gospel.


We believe that the Holy Scripture is divine revelation and the highest infallible authority in matters of faith and life. Our teaching is entirely derived from the Scripture and we strive to apply it in our everyday life.


We are a confessional Church – we have written standards according to which we teach. They are not infallible and are subordinate to the Holy Scripture but we believe that they faithfully summarize the teaching of Scripture.

Our Church subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith, Westminster Smaller and Larger Catechism. We also confess the catholic Christian faith that is expressed in the early Christian creeds: Nicene, Apostolic and Athanasian.


We are a Reformed church in the Presbyterian tradition. Reformed Christians have been present in Poland since 16th century and some famous Polish people were Reformed, including Mikołaj Rej (the father of Polish literature) and Johannes a Lasco. Our congregation was founded through missionary efforts from the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, which has its roots in the Scottish Reformation.